ArtiCYT, our unique synthetic 3D cell culture environment for human cells, is a synthetic replacement for existing animal based products with the following considerable advantages:


  • Synthetic composition, no requirement for test-animals or animal components
  • Highly reproducible cell culture matrix, enabling more reproducible test results
  • More affordable alternative for other 3D cell culture matrices
  • Suitable for culturing complex 3D human tissues for tissue engineering purposes

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More information (links):
Application note describing 3D microtissue formation in ArtiCYT and a HepG2-based cytotoxicity model
Application note describing a 3D prostate cancer model
A current list of scientific publications.
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Introduction Video
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Traditionally, cells have been cultured on flat surfaces (2D). Recent advances in cancer and stem cell research have brought the realization that mammalian cells, including tumor cells, need a growth-stimulating matrix surrounding them on all sides to grow optimally and most accurately reflect their behavior in humans.

On the basis of four patents, Nano-FM has developed the ArtiCYT synthetic 3D matrix hydrogel technology. ArtiCYT is a unique synthetic cell culture environment for human cells that has been demonstrated to be a suitable matrix for the development of advanced 3D cell-based models for several applications, including oncology research, research into neurodegenerative diseases, and cytotxocity. The ArtiCYT technology is highly modular, allowing for the creation of complex bioactive matrices that can be tailored to specific applications.

ArtiCYT has been shown to be compatible with multiple imaging based analysis techniques, including live staining protocols, required for high content analysis in high throughput environments.